The Grampians for a Weekend Getaway

Nothing relaxes you better than a trip to a breath-taking wilderness like the Grampians National Forest. Whether you are an adventurer looking for a great camping getaway or looking forward to hiding out in a well stocked bush cabin, you’ve chosen the best location for both. Like all National Forests in this territory, The Grampians offer a world of solitary bliss from walkways to waterfalls, vistas and beyond. Your mind, soul and body will certainly be rejuvenated after a weekend stay here.
Bush walking and bird watching go hand in hand in the Grampians. The best area to go bush walking is the Wonderland Range; it’s here you will find a broad array of Australian wildlife mixed with the wonderful scenic area. Many visitors to this location agree on one item about this walking route, that it is indeed the best and most beautiful they have ever seen. Don’t miss the spectacular flora and fauna this area has to offer all season long!

Accommodations are usually the first item on your list to find, but if you feel like you have to just go and not make reservations anywhere and hope for the best; then you are truly a unique person! Most of the accommodations in Grampians accept last minute bookings; this leaves plenty of available ideas for your weekend.

If it’s just you in your party, then you’re all set. If, however, you have two or more people in your party it is recommended you book a location. So now, what to choose and why? Some people like to rough it; others like to be pampered and still others like a stocked home with or without neighbors. Being able to choose your accommodations based on the size of your party is simple too, as there are many to choose from. BenBullen Vacationer’s retreat is one of the main companies that has repeatedly gotten top marks on the rating lists. They require a two-night minimum stay, but if you love luxury, this is the best.

In the middle of the ideal market for staying in the Grampians is Miners Cottage, same minimum night stays as the one above. A little more expensive than the price per night, but sometimes having a double spa goes along with the warm fireplace! Again, it boils down to personal preferences. Most of these are in the bush accessible by a small road.

Last but certainly not the least is one of the most expensive well appointed cottages available in Grampians. The Blue Ridge retreat is the most luxurious of them all. With awesome breath-taking views out your window and the bush setting there is nothing to wish for. The self-contained unit is very peaceful and inviting. They welcome a weekend getaway. If you want to try out a different way to stay in the mountains, think about giving a cottage a try.

Camping, hiking and gorgeous views are enough to bring you back year and year again. Start your getaway with car rental Melbourne.